Discovering Digital Signage Training Packages

Discovering Digital Signage Training Packages

Over the last two years we’re learning just how valuable training packages are to customers. In this post I describe how we identified the need, our unique approach to solving it, and the impact that trainings have for end users.


Often digital signage comes as part of a long list of other products to be installed for a new project. Products from Polycom, Crestron, Steelcase, Samsung make up a fraction of the solutions that Audio Visual (A/V) Integrators are responsible for. Thus, a focused conversation about digital signage and the content that should be displayed on it rarely takes place in the pre-sales setting.


Training Packages Make Happy Customers

BA Training and PPT

Training on software and documenting best practices

Trainings are a great way to ensure a satisfied customer despite the lack of defined scope. During a basic training, end users can form an idea of how they can use digital signage. Some customers can get all their questions answered in this setting.


Once we’ve walked through a basic training with a group, we’ll likely agree on whether more training would be helpful. Is there an advanced function that we need to spend more time on? Are there other users who should be trained? These questions help guide the development of our advanced training curriculum for that customer.


Sometimes a larger content development project is needed, so our team has the ability to develop any type of content that a customer can imagine, such as video content, graphic user interface (GUI) design, wayfinding, and more. Click here to read about our approach and request access to our Content Gallery.


The Impact for Organizations

In two years of delivering training packages we’ve turned over 30 organizations that were initially skeptical about digital signage, as well as several that were exhausted by difficult work processes, into energetic users. It’s satisfying for our team to see customers building great presentations and effective content, especially when they thought it wasn’t possible. This works right into our vision of Creating Margin in the work lives of our team and our customers.

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