7 Colorado SaaS Companies Shaking Up Their Industries

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an on-demand delivery model in which a software application and its corresponding data are centrally stored in the cloud. SaaS product sales have seen massive growth in recent years and are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2015.  The SaaS model continues to spur the formation of innovative companies, and our own Rocky Mountain Region has been right in the thick of it.  We thought it would be useful to highlight a handful of local businesses that are making waves with their respective SaaS technologies.  Though spread across a diverse group of industries, these companies are unified by creativity and resourcefulness.  Without further ado, here are 7 noteworthy SaaS platforms based right here in Colorado.


Globa.li  (@GoGlobali)

Tagline:  Book the best boutique hotels.  All here.

Headquarters City:  Denver, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  Serving as the first global distribution system for boutique travel, Globa.li offers travel companies a streamlined, cloud-based technology to support sales, contracting, inventory management and revenue management.  Online and immediate booking of exotic properties through an intuitive multi-property search platform.  Maintaining valued distribution channels and enabling efficiency.


PaySimple  (@PaySimple)

Tagline:  Simplify how you bill and collect.

Headquarters City:  Denver, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  PaySimple provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) online payment solution for small businesses.  Key features include recurring billing, electronic invoicing, hosted online payments, telephone payments, ACH debits, credit card processing, and echeck processing.  Perhaps PaySimple’s most distinct competitive advantage is its unified invoicing and payment acceptance system.
Swiftpage  (@Swiftpage)

Tagline:  “Living the exclamation” by creating solutions to convert more everyday interactions into revenue generating transactions.

Headquarters City:  Denver, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  Swiftpage delivers digital marketing and CRM solutions that help businesses convert prospects, retain customers and get on the fast track for growth.  Swiftpage’s products include the #1 selling contact and customer manager, ACT!, as well as the dynamic enterprise CRM, SalesLogix –– both of which provide powerful integrated email and social media marketing solutions.


Brandfolder  (@Brandfolder)

Tagline:  The easy way to store and share your brand assets.

Headquarters City:  Denver, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  Brandfolder is pioneering a new standard in brand information management.  The web-based SaaS application easily organizes, displays, and enables marketers to share their most valuable brand assets with anyone who might need them.  Instead of wasting valuable time and energy moving through multiple folders to get the files they need to send to partners, distributors and retailers, marketers and creative professionals can now focus their attention on growing brand awareness, recall, and value.


CampuScene  (@CampuScene)

Tagline:  Virtual college tours of U.S. colleges & universities.

Headquarters City:  Wheat Ridge, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  CampuScene provides an online platform that allows its users to view a virtual tour of educational institutions.  Learn what a campus is really like and how you’d fit at that school.  Get personalized campus information from anywhere.  Hundreds of virtual tours are available, plus feedback from current students and other applicants.


OrderStorm  (@OrderStorm)

Tagline:  A feature-rich, SaaS, e-commerce solution for WordPress

Headquarters City:  Littleton, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  OrderStorm offers a SaaS-based suite of e-commerce applications tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses running WordPress websites.  Today’s SMBs want their customers to have a big company shopping experience without having to navigate between disparate e-commerce applications and without being redirected to 3rd-party sites.  OrderStorm integrates complex front-end e-commerce applications in the cloud and delivers them seamlessly and fully integrated into SMB WordPress websites.


Knowledge Factor  (@KnowledgeFactor)

Tagline:  Using brain science to unlock peak performance.

Headquarters City:  Boulder, CO

Why It’s Interesting:  Knowledge Factor develops learning software that improves knowledge transfer and improves long-term learning.  Its accelerated memory protocol systematically translates information from a textbook, training document, or study material into a learner’s long-term memory.  The company offers amplifire, a Software-as-a-Service platform for students and corporate learners in Fortune 500 companies, universities, international certifiers, and publishers to acquire, retain, and recall information.

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